The Plan

Today, I made the plan for my last official trip for Virunga National Park. The team will exist of:

  • Floris Buter – Expedition Leader
  • Zébédée Vidusiviyolo – Topograph
  • Papy Pendani – Driver V08
  • Unknown – Ranger 1
  • Unknown – Ranger 2

The objective is to take Zébédée to the 3 sites that still need to be topographed and to show him what area exactly, he should be mapping. So, we will arrive on a site, and we’ll find 6 helpers and give them machettes and a liter of paint. We’ll walk the ideal line from the water intake, to the canal, to the loading chamber down the penstock, all the way down where we have planned the power house with the turbines. On our right and on our left, there will be 3 guys putting piquets in the ground and painting them red. In this way, Zébédée will know up to what limit he should be taking topographic measurements. I hope to do this in one day per site, but I plan for 2 days per site. Also, I prefer to stay in hotels that are off site in domesticated areas, but we’ll bring 5 tents as well. Just to be sure.

Sites that have to be topographed are:

  1. Taliha Sud (15 km east of Alibongo, the canal crosses the village “Hutwe”
  2. Lukwaliha (45 km by road west-northwest of Butembo, close to Itendi)
  3. Lusilube (a small Rwenzori river that crosses the town of Mwenda, 10 km north of Mutwanga)

After we will arrive at the Lusilube site, we will continue to Mutsora Station to eat a goat there to celebrate that I will be leaving the Virunga Park organisation. The next day, we will go to Beni and the next day, I will get a the Echo Flight to Goma, while Zébédée and Papy will continue to start topographing the Taliha Sud site. I will fly back to the Netherlands on the 30th of June and live with my parents and be very unhappy all the time until I transform into a cocoon that needs to be externally fed, is very conscious and in an ever increasing eternity of physical and psychological pain until I will be 115 years old.

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